Hooked on Thomas

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25 April 1988
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This journal belongs to a 22-year-old trained in theology and classics, with an emphasis on the philosophical and theological patrimony of Thomas Aquinas.

Said 22-year-old is currently experiencing major depression including significant suicidal thoughts. He has also recently experienced an emotionally trying breakup and tends to write in highly stylized parliamentary language arising from spending too many years on an American Parliamentary Debate circuit. You have been warned.
42, abstract thought, acting, alfred lord tennyson, anti-racism, apda, aristotle, arlington, battlestar galactica, black and white photography, blackadder, books, boston, boys, boys with long hair, british spellings, british television, bsg, buffy, c.s. lewis, caffeine, calvin and hobbes, cambridge, candles, catholic spirituality, catholicism, chocolate, church militant, classic rock, comics, communion of saints, computers, conversations, d&d, dancing in the rain, debate, dirty water, doctor who, dragons, drama, dreaming, earl grey, economics, editing things, education, education policy, education theory, ethics, faith, fan fiction, fantasy, film, folk tales, foreign film, foreign policy, free will, freedom of speech, friends, gaming, geeks, getting lost in stories, girls, god, grammar, great books, harassing teachers, harry potter, harvard square, history, honors drama 3/4, hugs, jeopardy, jesuits, jesus, john keats, kisses, latin, learning, linguistics, literature, liturgy, london, metaphysics, monologues, monty python, mountain dew, murmuring secrets to god, museums, music, mythology, neil gaiman, peace, phenomenology, philosophy, photography, poetry, political theory, politics, prayer, public policy, quoting, reading, rocky horror picture show, roleplaying games, romantic poets, rpgs, rwanda, saints, sarcasm, sci-fi, science fiction, shakespeare, showers, simon and garfunkel, sketchbooks, sleeping, snow, sophia, speculative fiction, star trek, star wars, stars, steam punk, stories, subways, tea, the british empire, the caf crew, the meaning of life, the moon, the smell of rain, theatre, theology, thomas aquinas, thunderstorms, tricksters, truth, twelfth night, unconventional beauty, victorian poets, video games, wandering around harvard square, warfare, watching people, what if questions, world domination, writing, xkcd

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